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    In reply to: bettafish posted an update #Ijustreadacoolbook So, I have talked about the Jedi Apprentice and Quest books before. However, I just read a few more from the series. The Jedi Quest is basically how Obi Wan and […] View

    Anakin, not Anikan! And the Jedi Quest series is not about how Obi-Wan and Anakin begin to dislike each other. The series does include some premonitions of Anakin’s future, but they do get along! Did you read #4 yet? I still haven’t been able to find #7 for a good price on Ebay.

  • #newspecies my new species has mind of a dog/human. the body look like a human but changes into a dog early in the morning like a werewolf . Its diet is dry candy and grass it gets biggger and bigger every month it lives in very hot deserts so its very hard to find grass so its on a dry candy diet.