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    While playing fruit ninja at the arcade in Great Wolf Lodge i feel like a real ninja(:

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    While I was at Pacific City, I visited an arcade in a game room. I played a racing game that said that it costs 1 quarter, than eats up 3 (even after you press the button to get the first one back!). haha Oh well. ;)

  • #arcade While I was on vacation to Ocean Shores this week, we went to an arcade and mini golf place called Paradise. I played lots of games there including air hockey and golfing, but my favorite game is where a light goes around and you have to push the button when you think the light is on the jackpot. I can’t remember exactly what the game is…[Read more]

    • Everyone loves a slinky! (And that light game is remarkably difficult – I can never get the jackpot at all. It comes in various names, too, but always the same idea.)

      Sounds like a nice place to go visit if you’ve got some coin to spend.

      • Yeah it is pretty fun! My cousin figured out a counting trick. If you can count to the same number each time it goes around, you can usually hit the jackpot. It’s all about timing.

        • Huh. I wonder what the count is that works for you. More often than not, I’m trying to time it, and I’m short one or long one.

          • Yeah that’s happens to me almost every single time. I think my cousin is just good at video games like that in general which is why he was able to count it so easily. Either way it gives good tickets if you get one off every time, but it’s not exactly as fun as some of the less ticket games.

  • madster14 posted an update 6 years ago

    #arcade there is a small arcade in galaxy movie theaters. There is a crane machine that I never win a movie machine where you catch the movies to win them and a photo booth. But my favorite one is the shooter game its pretty cool.

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    This was at the mall in federal way

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    Every summer my family goes to new horizon resort. In the lodge there is an attached small room with an asortment of old-ish video games and board games. As you walk in against the left wall is a motorcycle racing game by sega (that i cant remember the name to), a ms.packman/galactia game, and a buck hunter game. Against the right wall…[Read more]

    • Sounds remarkably old-school. Hopefully the games are at least fun and don’t eat too many quarters.

      • Remarkably they dont. They never do take your quarters. Or as long as ive played them.

        • Ooh, set to free play? Sounds like a great opportunity to hone some classic gaming skills and build the fundamentals that will help later on.

          • i meant eat, they never eat your quarters. you have to pay to play but they dont swollow quarters without giving you credits.

  • fairytail posted an update 6 years ago

    my family gose to a restrent where there is a small dinky arcade in the back where I get free quarters out of. (Note: use toothpicks and lots of patience) all there is is a ms,Packmen, And old racing game, electronic bolling, a air fighter game, and a candy claw tame.

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    all I have to say is burggertime is way better on a stand-up-arcade-machine

    • There is a certain charm about being able to play it on a box. Where did you find a machine that has Burger Time?

      • Dorkys arcade in downtown tacoma

        • I may have to make a field trip to there at some point in my life – it sounds like a place I would have a lot of fun at. And burn through a lot of quarters, too, but still, there are some things that are just best experienced as cabinets.

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    I went and saw The Dark Night Rises with my sister and some friends. (It’s the new Batman movie if no one understands what the movie is. Just in case.) We got our tickets and were there pretty early, so my sister and I got some tokens and battled it out on this Race car game (forgot the name sorry) and I won with my mad racing skillz ;)[Read more]

    • Crazy Taxi was The Game for a while there, especially on the now-defunct Dreamcast system. It is a lot of fun, and can be really frustrating when you start having to truck people cross-town without much for time.

  • #arcade When I went to see Batman, we popped by the mini-arcade in the theater. We played some Jurassic Park game, and she beat me by a lot. Mostly because I just screamed and wildly shot at the dinosaurs, making me without ammo in the first minute. XP

    • It can be quite immersive if you have the right kind of cabinet. But yes, some fire discipline is needed when it comes to those kinds of games. With time and practice, you’ll get it.

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    I had the ability to go to an older resturant with some arcade games in it and was able to play the old Mario game, the ones my parents played when they were kids. It is so fun, but different from the Mario that we play now adays. It is a lot more simple, but just as hard to save with princess. I really hope I can find that game again…[Read more]

    • So, that’s the original Super Mario Brothers, with the goombas, or the very old Mario Brothers, which has things dropping out of pipes at the top and you have to hit them and kick them around?

      • Ya the second thing you said. I didn’t get to play it long, mainly because my dad was so into it lol, but what i did see whatthe monkey (I think it was Donkey Kong, maybe not) threw barrels and you had to jump over them and climb up to the top to get to him. That was basically on level.

        • Oh, no, that’s not Mario Brothers, that’s Donkey Kong! The very original Donkey Kong has the monkey climbing up with Pauline (later, perhaps, Princess Peach) and tossing barrels down to stop Jumpan (later Mario) from coming up and rescuing her. Still, awesome old-school gamimg.

          • oooohhh ok good to know. :) ya it was really really cool, I just kinda wish my dad let me play it more haha

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    I like computer pinball better, at least then there are ways to cheat and end up with a higher score. The arcade one was alright but it did have the element of reality and I got lucky here and there.

    • A lot of computer pinball is easier (or harder) – you hit the ball the same way each time and it does the same thing each time. When you have to deal with actual silver balls and flippers, it becomes a very different story.

  • autumndeschner posted an update 6 years ago


    went to South Hill Mall Arcade and found a old pacman game from the 1990’s

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    I played a racing car game in the Galaxy Movie theatres. It was hard, because I couldn’t remember that I had to brake while I was turning.

  • so a movie and stopped by an arcade yesterday and it has gotten a lot more advance. there are xbox 360 in there all in a row. #arcade

    • Did it look like the kind of place where you would find other arcade machines, or did it look like just a place to competitively play console games?

  • #arcade, I went an arcade at Great Wolf lodge, it wasn’t very fun, I lost 10 bucks

  • nicolenunn posted an update 6 years ago

    My family went bowling last week (haven’t had time to update) and on our way out we stopped in the arcade that was attached to the bowling alley. My mom and I played one of the three racing games that were there, and she beat me by a long shot. We also played air hockey and I tried one of those candy crane games only to end up with one…[Read more]

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    I went to the arcade attached to Farelli’s in Dupont. It isn’t a very big one, but my favorite game was the driving one. I learned that if it’s anything like real driving, no one should let me near a car any time soon!

    • Do you remember which game it was? A lot of them can seem pretty interesting, especially when you have to crank the wheel to turn the car a couple degrees one way or another.

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    I went to one of those small arcades in some stores and played PacMan for a while haha.

  • #arcade I found an arcade in a mall. It was called gamelive. It was a dark room with several big-screen t.v.s. The room was accented by blue. There were blue lights along the top of the wall. Behind the telivisions there was also a bluue light that looked like a shadow. There was a snack-stand to the left and an island when you first…[Read more]

    • I’ve seen some of those around. They seem to be geared a lot toward console first-person shooters. Is that what it looked like to you?

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