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  • #artreview I checked out a book with the Dewey decimal number 741.5937. It is called “Garfield Weighs His Options.” I thought it would be a lot of comics involving Garfield and food. There were a coupl of food comics, but it seemed there were more comics about Jon going on dates with Liz and Christmas comics. Despite being confused by the…[Read more]

  • kiria13 posted an update 6 years ago

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    The book i read was The New Scratchboard: Clay-Surface Techniques and Materials for Today’s Artists by Charles Ewing. This book was very informative about the nature, tools and pigments, ink-coated and printmaking of clay surfaces. Plus white clay demonstrations.

  • inuyasha4ever posted an update 6 years ago

    I checked out the book with the call number 778.3 The Complete Guide to Black and White Digital Photography. It tells you what ways and techniques you use to get the best photographs of black and white. Like for example, changing your gamma ray setting and what type of color channel you use like blue or red or green channel. It’s…[Read more]

  • kittyrayn posted an update 6 years ago

    #artreview I checked out the book Shojo Wonder Manga art school. This book has some really pretty pictures and lots of tips on how to use copic markers and watercolors. The author also had a deviantart so I looked it up and found even more neat pictures.

  • ashura0 posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

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    I checked out the book Draw your own manga: beyond the basics (link here:*&query=&page=0 )
    One thing i dislike about how to draw manga books is when the drawings and people look…[Read more]

  • jumper339 posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    I got the book, “The World According to Lucy”, by Charles M. Schlutz. It had the Dewey Decimal number 741. The cartoons were mostly about Lucy telling people what they should do, and then showing what happened when they did! I liked this book because I LOVE the Peanuts gang (and also because this was one of the ones that my family…[Read more]

  • chan posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    #artreview At the library I got the books with the Dewey Decimal call number 741. The books names are Kids Draw: Anime and Drawing Manga: Male Action Figures. These books show you how to draw anime in short, easy steps.

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    A book i read out of the nonfiction section was one about Helen Keller. I envy her. i mean blind and deaf, and she got her docters degree? better than what some people are going to get today. But, it was all thanks to the work of Ann Sullivan. Helen was known for throwing tantrums. Every time she threw one, her parents just…[Read more]

    • I LOVE the story of Helen Kellar! She was such an amazing girl and had come a long way since Ann Sullivan was taking care of her. The movie is really cool, too.

  • loosieb posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    I checked out a book with the Dewey Decimal number 778.943. The book is called “Secret Worlds” Photographs by Stephen Dalton. The book is very interesting because throughout the whole thing you see pictures of birds, bats, bugs, and many other animals. Lots of these pictures were taken outside and have to do with wildlife. Definitely a cool…[Read more]

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    I found the book cartoons and animations. it shows pictures and has captions on how to animate clay and on a computer how to make animations and cartoons.

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    For mine i picked out Cartoons and Animation by Richard Spilsbury.
    This book is a book about different types of art and explains what they are and also gives examples. This book has cool pics from well known movies and i would recommend for art lovers of all ages.

  • zeilleen posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    #artreview I didn’t get this book from a library, but I bought an art book on Magritte. I put the wrong tag on the one I posted before about Magritte, that was meant to be this one. I hope it still works! It was kind of hard to follow the writing in th book corresponding to the pictures, but I learned a lot about his life. Anyway, here’s what…[Read more]

  • hcat4 posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    I checked out a book, #DrawingWorkshop to help my drawings improve. First, it teaches you about using different mediums and how they affect the picture. Then they talk about shapes, proportions, and focal points. It’s main message in the first part is practice, practice, practice! Afterwords, they guide you step by step to create a 3D…[Read more]

  • shalomr posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    I checked out a book from the library a couple weeks ago (maybe a month ago) called “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. I didn’t read all of it (for now); I flipped through it and read parts that caught my interest. I learned quite a lot so far–which is saying something since there’s still more to read! I found it very…[Read more]

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    Check out any nonfiction book with the Dewey Decimal call numbers 741, 751, or 778.3. Post a short review to share with everyone.