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    I recently read Here’s Lilly. The Lilly Series has 18 books in it. The series is a Christian fiction series about a sixth grader (and maybe a 7th or 8th grader later in the series). In the first book, Lilly trys to become a model. However, an accident causes Lilly’s dreams to fall apart. During the prosses, Lilly finds…[Read more]

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    Over the past week, I’ve read the book Wood’s Runner, Hatchet, started The Quilt, listened to Come On, Sea Biscuit, and started The River, all equaling to over 15 hours. I have the exact times written down, and if you really need me to, I can type out how much time I’ve spent on each one. My new hero for a…[Read more]

    • I loved Gary Paulsen as a teen. I think one of my favorites was either Transall Saga, White Fox, or Dogsong.

      Have you read Scorpio Races. Its a bit about race horses. King of the Wind is one of the classic books about race horses.

      Happy Reading!

      • I haven’t read any of those!! I must look into them. My mom and I are having the most wonderful time reading Gary Paulsen’s books. His descriptions are magnificent! Thanks :)

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    #animals #bookreview I read The Knife of Never Letting Go this summer, and I thought it was great sci-fi. It takes place in a small settlement on a distant planet where a strange germ has made it so that all of the men and boy’s thoughts are broadcast to everyone else. All of the animals can talk, and apparently all of the women and girls were…[Read more]

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    This is a “juvenile” book series, but it is a VERY well made one. It begins with a pair of young friends. One a prince, the other a servant. Through the arrogance and laziness of the royal family over the years, the kingdom has become vulnerable to attack. Though the prince does what he can to remedy the situation, by…[Read more]

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    This is a book written over the course of hundreds of years, by many different authors who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. It chronicles the history of the creation and beginning of mankind, the history of early Israel, and the life of Jesus Christ. It is filled with knowledge on any subject you can think of.…[Read more]

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    Full Moon o Sagashite is a very cute manga about a 12 year-old girl who loves to sing, but has a sickness that makes it hard. Her name is Mitsuki, and her dream is to become a famous singer, so that the boy she used to know will be able to find her. The doctors say if she does not have an operation soon, she will die. But,…[Read more]

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    In reply to: sheldon526 posted an update I read Black Beauty and I would recommend it to anyone, although it is more of a youth book. I also read The Mother-Daughter Book Club (again) because I was bored, this book isn’t […] View
  • kf7ssz posted an update 6 years ago

    Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion will rank among the best books that I have ever read. It starts out with Jason back on earth finding a way to Lyrian again. At the same time, Rachel is discovering new abilities of her own that could prove instrumental in the overthrow of the emperor. With nonstop action and awesome characters, Brandon…[Read more]

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    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is actually a really great book. I was hesitant to read it again, as the last few times I’ve tried I thought it was boring. But the plot twists and relationships are exciting! Once you get past a little bit of the language, it’s fun to see that she talks like a lot of us do. Her sisters flirt too…[Read more]

  • happysunshine posted an update 6 years ago

    I just finished up 15 hours reading Gregor the Overlander. It is a good book. :D
    Gregor the overlander is basically all about how Gregor falls down a hole, and must fufill a prophecy.
    In the Underland, he meets new people, some nice, and some intending to betray him.
    For those of you who are reading the book or who have yet to read…[Read more]

  • fairytail posted an update 6 years ago

    I picked up the book “Under the Neverending sky” and I looked at the summery and couldn’t put it down. It was about this girl that gets kicked out of her fake paradise and meets her poler oppiste, a ruff and tough guy who will kill at ant moment that it was nessasary. So I started reading already knowing that this was just like my…[Read more]

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    #bookreview I’m reading a series called +anima. It’s about +animas (people who are part animal, part human) trying to find somewhere where they can live peacefully and just be themselves. Along the way they find other +anima and gain new friendships. Some of the characters are really cute, I think this is a great series.

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    In the past couple of days, I’ve read a total of 10 hours of Tribulation Force by Jerry B Jenkins and Tim LaHaye.

    In one catastrophic moment, millions of people around the world disappear. Those left behind face famine, plagues, war and natural disasters so devestatin that only 1in 4 will…[Read more]

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    In reply to: margie posted an update #book review #10hours The book that I read was called Guantanamo Boy. Witch is pretty much about a boy named Khalid Ahmed. Who is falsely accused of being a terrorist because he […] View

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    I’ve been reading the sherlock holmes series and I really like them. They’re written from the point of view of Dr. Watson, and thery’re all filled with suspence and mystery. I haven’t picked my favorite one yet because I haven’t read them all.

    I recomend these books.

  • queenbee posted an update 6 years ago

    #bookreview #15hours
    My book review is on the Sisters 8 series. We (my sister and I) have only read the first book and there are eight of them. The girls (Annie, Durinda, Georgia, Jackie, Marcia, Petal, Rebecca and Zinnia) are some what suprised to find that on New Years Eve bolth of their parents disappeared, (Mommy went to go get eggnog and…[Read more]

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    I just finished “Illuminated” by Erica Orloff. I was interested in it since the back of the book made it sound like a mystery. Callie works for her uncle who is really in to old books and manuscripts. They come across one called “Book of Hours” that had a hidden writing in it. Sounds cool right? Wrong. The writer never…[Read more]

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    for the addtional 10 hours i finished Monument 14, Birth Marked, and the one im going to a veview on is shadows cast by stars. Two hundred years from now the most vauable thing is blood, wich i think would start the book out as a full out blood war but it isnt like that so its a little disapointing to me. well…[Read more]

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    #bookreview I’m reading a series of manga called chobits. It’s pretty interesting it’s about humanlike computers called persocoms and their relationships with the humans that use them. One of the main charactes named chii is a very special persocom and may even be a chobit which no one really knows what that means becuase chobits are urban…[Read more]

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    I read the book Theodore Boone; Kid Lawyer by best selling author John Grisham. It was about a court case for a guy who allegedly murdered his wife in their home on a golf course. In about the middle of the book, a surprise witness comes in. I won’t tell you what the verdict is…[Read more]

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