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    The butterflys and bees like brightly colored flowers and the ones with more then one colors. When the polanation is done they change to Colorado that don’t intrest them.

  • sam1 posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    butterflies like flowers with a lot of nectar. the are mostly attracted to colorful flowers, mostly purple flowers. #butterfly

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    Hummingbirds are attracted to bright orange, red and hot pink blossoms. Butterflies are attracted to purple and yellow. The no-fail plant for butterflies is the Butterfly Bush, or Buddleia. Lilacs are favorites of butterflies. Both Birds and butterflies love Coneflowers, such as the bright pink Pixie Meadowbrite. :)

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    -Birds and Butterflies love Coneflowers
    -Butterflies like purple and yellow flowers
    -Hummingbirds like bright orange, pink, and red blossoms.
    -Butterflies like lilacs
    -They both like water. :)

  • thereader posted an update 6 years ago

    #butterfly songbirds and butterflies both like colored flowers, especially purple coneflower. They also like flower with lots of nectar, like the honeysuckle vine.

  • happysunshine posted an update 6 years ago

    -Evergreen trees
    -Necter producing plants such as…
    *Trumpet vine
    *Sugar maple
    -Summer fruiting plants
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  • queenbee posted an update 6 years ago

    #butterfly the Eastern taild Blue Butterfly likes these plants! 1.Dogbane 2.Mist Flower 3.Mint 4. Cheeping Wood Sorrel 5.Garlic Chives 6.Ground Ivy 7.Heath Aster 8.Showy Coneflower 9.White Flower.
    most birds in WA like these plants. 1.bacherlor’s Button 2.Aster 3. Heavenly Bamboo 4.Holly 5.Larkspur 6.Knotweed 7.Oriental Poppy. Thanks for…[Read more]

  • wrinkles521 posted an update 6 years ago

    #butterfly Both butterflies and birds need food, water, and shelter. Hummingbirds in particular like bright orange and hot pink flowers. Balboa Sunset Trumpet Vine and Goldflame Honeysuckle are excellant examples. Butterflies prefer purple and yellow blossoms. The Butterfly Bush (a.k.a. the Buddleia) and Petite Indigo are great choices. …[Read more]

  • kiria13 posted an update 6 years ago

    Monarch butterflies love butterfly weeds. If you plant some in your garden then you are sure to have monarchs around. For fall butterflies than you should plant an aster. The flowers has nectar that supplies the fall butterflies and Pearl Crescent caterpillars eat the leaves. Another plant would be the Salvia aka “May Night.” The…[Read more]

  • sydney posted an update 6 years ago

    My answer for #butterfly:
    When I was looking up info for this project, I found out a few interesting facts. Butterflies LOVE milkweed. They lay their butterfly eggs on it, and when the eggs hatch out into caterpillars, they eat the milkweed too. Other than milkweed, butterflies like Aster (in the fall, they feed on it), Purple Coneflower,…[Read more]

  • fuzzhead2015 posted an update 6 years ago

    Hummingbirds love bright colored flowers, like pink, orange, and red, as well as flowers with a long ”funnel” to stick long narrow beaks in. Butterflies also like bright colors (purples and yellows) but unlike the hummingbird they need flater flowers to land on and suck the necter out.

  • inuyasha4ever posted an update 6 years ago

    The question: What plants do butterflies and birds love? Well what do they love? What are they attracted to? Those are the questions we should ask. You see butterflies, there are obviously certain types of plants that they love and enjoy. A couple examples could be th bright, orange Butterfly Weed where adult Monarchs suck on their…[Read more]

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    Butterfly gardens are actually pretty common. They have all the flowers and plants that butterflies love, specifically to attract butterflies. Butterflies love flowers such as aster, marigold, verbena, and purple coneflower. The best way to attract butterflies with plants is by choosing plants that butterflies can lay their eggs on…[Read more]

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    Butterflies actually don’t “eat” anything – instead they drink nectar (or anything that can dissolve in water, including tree sap and pollen). Plants that butterflies love include butterfly bush, purple coneflowers, sage, beauty bush, sunflowers, lilacs, snapdragons, and zinnias. Also, did you know that butterflies can tast…[Read more]

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    I did research on the internet and i read that btterflies like purple, yellow, pink and white flowers. I also learned that they like perennails. They also like sap from trees! the plants that birds like are rasberry bushes! they also like trees but that because it provides them with shade

  • maddyjoy posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    #butterfly I have been studying butterflies for 7 years and here is what I have learned,
    Butterflies LOVE butterfly bush, Black swallowtails enjoy Parsley, Monarchs only eat Milkweed,
    they love Rhododendrons , And they also enjoy sipping sap from trees.

  • thingtwo posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    #Butterfly If you put a garden anywhere in your yard that has Cosmos, Zinnia, Black Eyed Susan and Butterfly Bush there will be a lot of Butterfly’s. In another part of your yard if you want birds you should plant a variety of trees and shrubs that give food and shelter to birds like seed, nut, and berry bearing trees and shrubs. Making and…[Read more]

  • julie2010 posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    Well I found a huge list of what flowers butterflies like, but I am going to give a couple. Butterfly Milkweed, False Nettle, Cosmos, and Marigold. Butterflies tend to LOVE nectar. As for birds they love much of the same stuff, but they also like Beauty Berry, Bee Balm, and Cosmos!

  • #butterfly Butterflies love Butterfly Weed because it blooms late Spring to Midsummer. Also it gives alot of nectar for them. Birds Love Evergreen trees because it gives them food and other neccesities. But they wouldn’t live their because it is too sticky for their wings and is not a good place for their eggs.

  • loosieb posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    Butterflies love perranials because they have a good source of nectar. Birds like evergreen trees because it supplies sap for food! #butterfly

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