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  • ok i want this bage so here i go!
    #gardens 1. Villa Gamberaia, Italy. Villa Gamberaia is located on the Settignano hillside outside of Florence and is regarded as one of the most perfect gardens in Italy. It was built in the seventeenth century by the Florence Zanobi Lapi who included many elements of a classic Tuscin garden: cypressallie, a…[Read more]

    • Thanks for sharing, Qeenbee! This is a wonderfully detailed post of some remarkable gardens. Would you happen to have a favorite among these?

      • Yes I do have a favorite. Sorry I forgot about that part. :) My favorite one is Villa Gamberaia!!! My family is origanly from Italy so that is why I love that one! I’m glad you liked my post so thanks for saying something! Where is your family origanly from?

        • Thanks so much for this post. Your description of the Villa Gamberaia made me curious, so I just looked at some images of the garden online. It’s breathtaking. Your family comes from a beautiful country. My family is originally from Korea. Their gardens are very different, as they tend to be more natural and simple. Thanks again for sharing and…[Read more]

          • thanks! I’m glad you liked the post! that is so cool that your family is originally from Korea!!! have you been to Korea before?

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    1. Courances, France
    2. Viceroy’s Palace Garden, India
    3. Tsarskoe Selo, Russia
    4. Huntington Library Cactus Garden, USA
    5. Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland
    The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is my favorite because I like all the different stairways. Here’s the link:

    [Read more]

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    In reply to: frodo posted an update Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa Kyoto Imperial Palace Grounds Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse, Holland And my favorite, Japanese […] View

    Oops, I forgot to add #gardens

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    1). The Butchart Gardens at Todd Inlet – My favorite! :)
    2). Claude Monet Gardens in Giverny
    3). Versailles garden
    4). Yu Gardens in Shanghai
    5). Exbury Gardens in England

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    Yu Gardens – Shanghai , Butchart Gardens, Victoria, B.C. ,Claude Monet Gardens in Giverny, and Versaille.

  • #gardens My favorite gardens are the Boboli Garden in Italy, Butchart gardens in British Columbia, Yu garden in Shanghai, and Maribell garden in Satzburg

  • thereader posted an update 6 years ago

    #gardens Isola Belle, Italy is my favorite garden. There is so many cool plants and trees. There is hedges made into designs. It is awesome.

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    In reply to: happysunshine posted an update 5 famous gardens: The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Keukenhof Gardens, Suan Nong Nooch, Versailles, and Butchart Gardens. My favorite is The Garden of Cosmic Speculation in […] View
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    The Huntington botanical garden
    Hawaiian tropical botanical garden
    Garden at Versailles 
    Minneapolis sculpture garden
    The Garden of Cosmic Speculation
    The garden of cosmic speculation is my favorite garden because its only open to the public one day a year and therrs no other garden like it in the world!

  • Just completed the #gardens activity. Here it is:

    These are the five I found:
    Ryōan-ji – Japan
    Minneapolis Sculpture Garden – Minnesota, US
    Shalimar Garden – Pakistan
    Yuyuan Garden – China
    Keukenhof Gardens – The Netherlands

    Out of these, I would have to say the Keukenhof Gardens in The Netherlands. From a picture I found, it looks just like…[Read more]

    • I love ”The Magician’s Nephew”! Have you read the other Narnia books?

      • Aren’t they awesome! I just adore all the books :) I have the dramatized audio versions. I think my favorite is ”The Horse and His Boy.” How about you?

        • That’s my favorite too!

          • I loved The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie. Not so much Voyage of the Dawn Treader. What’d you think?

            • I thought that the green mist part was kind of creepy and dumb, but I liked the rest of it (especially the end) and I can’t wait for the next movie! I loved ”The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”.

  • wrinkles521 posted an update 6 years ago

    #gardens Here are the gardens I found…
    1. Hama Rikyu Garden (Japan)
    2. Kenrokuen Garden (Japan)
    3. The Gardens of Versailles (France)
    4. Bagatelle Gardens (France)
    And my favorite… 5. Monet’s Garden (France)
    Monet’s Garden is like no other garden out there. It was actually the home of the famous…[Read more]

  • fuzzhead2015 posted an update 6 years ago

    here are my five:
    *Descanso Gardens, California
    *Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore
    *Butchart Gardens, Canada (Victoria)
    *Huntington Botanical Gardens, California
    *Stourhead Garden, UK
    My favorite would have to be Huntington Botanical Gardens in California. The flowers are so amazing and there is such a wide variety. The water is so…[Read more]

  • #Gardens 5of the most famous gardens are..
    •The Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland
    •Keukenhof Gardens in The Netherlands
    •Susan Nong Nooch in Thailand
    •Versailles in France
    •Butchart Gardens in Canada
    My favorite garden is Butchart Gardens because the flowers are pretty and have different trees and a waterfall.

    • I can see why the Butchart is your favorite. So many folks have told me how breathtaking it is and I hope to visit it one day myself. Thanks for sharing.

  • #gardens
    Keukenhof gardens, Netherlands
    Butchart gardens, Canada
    Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland
    Huntington Botanical gardens, USA
    Versailles, France
    My Favorite is Versailles, the garden is beautiful, has lots of trees, flowers, and water features. the garden covers about 1,967 acres of land and roughly uses around 1.6 million…[Read more]

    • Great list of gardens. I’ve learned the most fascinating facts from your post and others about Versailles. Astonishing– it uses that much water every hour and covers nearly 2,000 acres. I can see why this garden rises to the top of your list!

  • sheldon526 posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    Versailles, The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Rikugien Gardens, Butchart Gardens, and Exbury Gardens. Of all these, my favorite was the Exbury Gardens, because they are neat and bursting with color. #gardens

  • #gardens
    1.Villa d’Este – Italy
    2. Hidcote Manor Garden – England
    3. Villa Lante – Italy
    4. Katsura Imperial Palace Garden – Japan
    5. Stourhead Garden – England
    6. Butchart Gardens – Canada
    7. Château de Versailles Garden – France
    8. Singapore Botanic Garden – Singapore
    9. Descanso Gardens – California
    10. Huntington Botanical Gardens -…[Read more]

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    1.Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
    2. Renishaw hall &gardens
    3. The Butcharts Gardens
    4. Garden of versailles
    5. Studiey Royal Water graden
    My favorite graden was the garden of versailles because it has over 200,000 trees and fountains.

  • atw18 posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    1.The Garden Of Cosmic Speculation-Scotland
    2.Keukenhof Gardens- The Netherlands
    3.Suan Nong Nooch- Thailand
    I like the Ryoan-ji in Japan because it looks fantastic when covered with snow. It’s just a beautiful place.

  • #gardens number 1, versaill,2,the garden of cosmic,3,boboli,4,rikugien,5,claude monet,6,butchart,7,yu,8,mirabell

  • #gardens
    1.Château de Versailles
    2.Singapore Botanic Garden
    3.Descanso Gardens
    4.Butchart Gardens
    5.Villa d’Este
    6.Dumbarton Oaks
    7.Gardens of the Villa Éphrussi de Rothschild
    9.The Master-of-Nets Garden
    10.Sans Souci

    • Terrific list! Would you happen to have a favorite among these?

      • I’ve never been there, but I’ve always liked the Chateau de Versailles. They’re so pretty and well taken care of. I would have loved to go back in time and walked there with all the Kings and Queens of France.

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