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    I asked a grower in a farmer’s market and he had the biggest black berry’s they were like two inches long. He said that he changed out his manure monthly. And waters it every hour. I had to eat some and every one that I had was sweet and juicey. But I was sick of them after the thirtyth berry.

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    I interviewed my Grandmother. Her and my Grandpa started a garden 2 years after they moved into their house, which means they have been growing their garden for about 10 years. My Grandma says it’s a lot of work. She explains that everyday she must water each section of plants around her house for a good 20 minutes before she can move…[Read more]

    • Your grandmother sounds like a very special person and I picture her garden being truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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    This is kind of collective since my Grandmother, Great Grandmother, and Mother were all sitting around the table but Fuchsias and Petunias (like SHS grew in the greenhouse this year, I know that because I manage it) normally have to be started from cuts of the stem where you have two…[Read more]

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    my mother, a gardener, told me if you want to keep aphids away from your plants, you can spray them with a sollution of a couple drops of dishwashing liquid in a bottle of water. she also said, keep mulch away from the base of your shrubs and other plants because it can lead to mold.

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    #growers the farmer told me the parts of flowers are the overy they have 6 stamonds 3 pettles 3 seple a pistle a stigma and an anther

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    #growers it was easy because my grandma is a gardener she told me lots of cool and intresting facks like the plant gets its water from the root hairs and their are the cotoladon and the stonemates close when their is not enough water the seed growing prosess is fun but takes a long time to grow

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    Interview a local farmer, gardener, or nursery store owner about their work and share your interview.