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  • #highscore I played mappy tat old 1983 video game by namco and got a high score of level 10 20000984.

  • aitsanna posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    got high-score for tetris, i did not see when it was made but it played on the old Nintendo game system so i know it was really old. i beat the high score by like two or three thousand. i could not figure out how to take a pic though sorry. #highscore

  • frodo posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    Beat my bros high score of 213,600 on Super Mario Bros. (release date: 1985, re-release date on the Wii’s Virtual Console (where I play it): December 25, 2006)!
    First pic: My bros old high score of 213,600
    Second pic: My new high score of 279,000

  • alesha posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    Where’s Waldo on my phone(: and my high score on the challenge part is finding everyone in 39 secounds out of a minute.

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    Does it count as a high score of dying if it happens a lot? I was watching my nieces and playing at the same time. Those three (all under 5) have a nack for needing me right when I needed to jump. I went through 5 rounds before I gave up since I died right when I started (Mya unplugged the controller). Oh, I was playing Mario.

    • Which Mario were you playing? New Super Mario Brothers Wii?

      (And you could conceivably do that, too – maybe take a picture of the ”Continues Used” screen or something like that?)

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    Okay, so this is a re-do since I kind of messed up the last one. Sorry about that! I went onto our pac-man game and found that there were three different versions. Easy, Normal, and Original. Only Easy had been attempted! Therefore, I played Original and I’ve now claimed the high score! It actually is a relatively high score for me…[Read more]

    • My score is the 9760 one. Hope this is acceptable!

      • Yay, you! That’s more like it! And ”Original” mode for this game probably replicates the programming bug that’s essential to obtaining a perfect game (with a lot of practice.)

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    Dose getting all six balls in in carpetball count? If not then I get the gold cup in Sonic riders useing tails. That was hard to get.

    • What was so difficult about getting the Gold Cup using Miles? Is he inherently slower than everyone else?

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    I just played Frogger on my dad’s ipad. I’m horrible, but I got second highest score! Beat MY record at least…. :)

    • My score is 10812

      • Hrm. Remember, though, that it says ”the” high score, not ”a” high score or ”your” high score – which might mean you just have to find another Frogger and take a screen shot of that, or some other game that keeps score. Sometimes the little words are the trickiest ones…

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    I played an odd game called Final Fight. It said my score was 316775104.

    • 1989’s side-scrolling beat-em-up. Spawned more than a few other ideas, too. Nice game choice. Your screenshot there is from an early part of your playthrough?

      • atw18 replied 6 years ago

        Yeah I took the screenshot early at a part while I wasn’t fighting. Then I played on. It was weird but cool.

        • That style of game faded out a bit, well, at least until it came back in 3D, and then it really wasn’t quite the same with enemies approaching from every which way.

          Guy’s not a bad choice there – I would have probably picked Cody.

  • #highscore 1,430 is my highest score on Froggers.

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    I played old super Mario bros on my Wii. 2 things; I didn’t get the highest score in my fam cuz my dad beat the game growing up in the ’80s so his score was uber high and 2, Idk how to get a screen shot on he wii, but my score was 77850. I got killed by more than my fair share of the little fuzzy thingys, but it was fun!

    • Which little fuzzy things? Did you have an overabundance of black-shelled stuff coming at you, or the brown mushroomy-types that can be squashed without leaving a shell?

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    I have mario cart double dash for the gamecube (remake of Mario Cart for the NES) abd have achived gold in every cup. (50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and Mirror) and unlocked all unlockables.
    I love how you can have 2 characters on one cart. It is unique and my sister and i take atvantage of it to play together on the same car all the…[Read more]

    • No problamo ;) It’s a great game!

    • Like I said to @aktress , Double Dash is more of a sequel than a remake – I’d feel more comfortable with people playing Mario Kart Wii than Double Dash, truthfully, because the tracks and mechanics of Wii more closely resemble the original Mario Kart (although they’re really more Mario Kart 64…)

      How long did it take you to get your gold…[Read more]

  • #highscore I chose Mario Kart Double Dash for the Gamecube, which was a remark from the NES system’s Mario Kart (which I used to play almost religiously when we still had one). I’ve been playing Double Dash for half my life, and have gotten a lot better at it. I finally won gold on the 150cc Flower Cup with a time of around ten minutes. :D I…[Read more]

    • Give it a shot and add it as an attachment or something – Double Dash is a pretty replayable game.

      Also, Mario Kart, the original, was for the SNES, but it came out in 1992, so I can see the logic on it (Double Dash is more a sequel than a remake, though – if you’ve got the original stashed somewhere, try that out, too. You’ll find it…[Read more]

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    I played Pac-Man on the Iphone. I couldn’t get past this score I made so hope it’s okay. XP I suck at Pac-Man but love it anyways lol

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    I wasn’t sure whether this was our own high score or the all time, so I just got MY best. My game was Frogger for iPad. My dad helped me.

    • Hey, that looks pretty good! (And yes, your own high score will do. If it were the highest of high score, Pac-Man would require a perfect game…)

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    I played Tetris which came out in 1984. I tried but wasn’t able to load a picture, but i did get a high score of 17720 :D

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    Achieve the high score on a video game created before 1993 (remakes for modern systems are acceptable). Take a screenshot or picture of your achievement and post it to share!

    (Why 1993? Think about how old you were in 1993…)

    • The highest score ever? Or your own high score?

      • Your own high score / the console’s high score – the highest score ever would be difficult, as a lot of older games can have truly prodigious scores built through the exploitation of their game mechanics.

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    I cant post a pic, but I played Pacman, and I got the highest score I’ve ever had!! ;)

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    I decided to get the high score on our family’s Wii for Super Mario Bros Wii, which is a remake of the original Mario Brothers 1983. I did a speed run because points are not very important in Mario Bros Wii. It was actually fun to race through the level. I video taped it, but I will not post it because I have to download it on the…[Read more]

    • …no, that’s not quite it. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is more of a game that incorporates a lot of the elements in the Super Mario Brothers series that was on the NES, SNES, and some of Mario 64, like the Red Coin runs.

      The original Mario Bros. is actually a very different game than Super Mario Bros – it’s a “drop enemies from the top to the…[Read more]

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