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  • hcat4 posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago


    Spades is a four player game with players sitting facing each other. A standard 52 card pack is used, with Ace being the card of highest value. The dealer deals 13 cards to each player. Then, there is an auction to see who will be the declarer. You bid tricks, which are sequences of cards. You must bid at least one trick, and you…[Read more]

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    Learned how to play UNO. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards first.

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    apply fingers on screen and slice fruit but not the bombs

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    I wanted learn how to play monopoly off the internet its very easy how to play you just have to people or more and the banker has to hand out a certein amount of money to everyone equally. Then you see who goes first. After that you you go around the board and buy and pay for land. its very fun but its a long…[Read more]

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    i never knew how to play pictionary! my lil bro asked me to play it while me and my little brother were in the hospital waiting room… waiting 4 my big sister to have her baby boy… he tought me how to play and it was pretty fun!!

  • aitsanna posted an update 5 years, 12 months ago

    i learned how to play mow when me and my brother were bored to death and had nothing else to do. mow is like uno with a standard deck of cards i is definitely not my favorite game but it is OK. mow is also a very confusing game. #learntoplay

  • lilberrygirl posted a new activity comment 5 years, 12 months ago

    In reply to: lilberrygirl posted an update I learned how to play 5 Second Rule. It is SO much fun. To play it, you have a whole bunch of cards with questions on it (such as ”Name 3 brands of Hotdogs” or something like that) […] View

    Oops. I forgot to add #learntoplay

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    I learned to play Phase 10. It is a card game, with ten different stages. It is really long, but really fun if you are on a long ferry ride, like I was. You do need at least 3 players for it to be fun. I loved it.

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    I’m in love the all things vintage, so I decided to look up a game from the 50s. It’s called “Spill and Spell.” Basically, you have dice with letters on them instead of numbers. You put them in a cup, shake it around, and then “Spill” them out and try to “Spell” words with the letters you came up with. The longer the…[Read more]

    • That’s interesting. And both players take turns with their letter cups until they run out of time, or do you just keep going until you can’t fit any more letters in?

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    I forgot what it was called, but at camp, one of my new friends taught me a new game. It was kind of like rummykub but with playing cards. You have to make either a run of at least 3 cards in numerical order, or put down 3 matching cards by number! It was tons of fun and I won on my first try!

  • melody74 posted an update 6 years ago

    #learntoplay Last night I learned how to play Pictionary on the Wii. My friend is staying with us for the week during camp and she brought the game to give us something fun to do. I had a lot of fun playing it! I think the best part was when the other team chose the “Adult” category which is supposed to be harder and they only had the draw a…[Read more]

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    I learn a couple of weeks ago how to play carpet ball. Its looks like pool and it has the same balls as pool but its different in many ways. So two people set up balls any way you want on the table like the picture below. The object is to get all of the other players balls in the pocket before they do so. So the two people just slide…[Read more]

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    I’ve learned how to play Kingdom of Hearts by my father. He told me it was difficult, but he helped me along some of the difficult parts in the beginning and how to use my character. Kingdom of Hearts is so much fun! Even addicting X). It’s starts where the main character is on this island with the others kids and they’ve been…[Read more]

    • Kingdom Hearts is a very interesting game – and if you like it, there are several other games for a variety of platforms that continue the story line.

  • #learntoplay I recently picked up a Gameboy color and some games, and have been teaching myself how to play Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. It’s fun to get back into little handheld videogames, and I’ve been browsing websites for walkthroughs when it gets complicated for me. :) Basically, the story is that Link washes up on the shores of…[Read more]

    • How are you liking it? It sometimes seems like the best Zelda games are the ones that stay true to the ”explore things, find stuff, use it” model.

      • It’s definitely addicting, that’s for sure! It’s a little frustrating as most older games are, but I always feel satisfied when I figure something out on my own. ;)

        • ”A Little Frustrating” as in, ”We expect you to remember where Widget A was when Dwarf B talked about it on your own” instead of having an automap point the way?

          • A bit like that, yeah. Mostly along the lines of trying to figure out what to do without any tips on what to try to defeat a villain/solve a puzzle

            • For someone who’s used to all the help, it can be tough having to just remember things. That, and what might be an obvious puzzle to those of us with experience on our side (heh) might be new to someone who has used modern stuff most of the time.

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    I learned to play a game called “Don’t say it.” It is really childish sometimes but it can get really fun. You have to get your teamates to guess a word, like banana for example, but you are forbidden to say a few words like monkey, food, or yellow. So you have to use different describing words, but your team has to guess it…[Read more]

    • Sounds like that game was released commercially as ”Taboo”

      (Funny enough, I suspect the concept of that game and Groucho Marx’s ”Secret Word” stuff from You Bet Your Life, which is older than both of us combined, are not all that far apart…)

      • haha ya, they take ideas from different things and call it something else and thats how you make money

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    Some friends of mine taught me how to play pickleball. Its pretty easy and really fun.

  • rainholt22 posted an update 6 years ago

    I played a game called 7’s. The dealer gives everyone seven cards and then the first person with a 7 starts off. If no one has one, the person to the dealers left draws until they reach one. After that you go off the suits of the seven and build up the line from 7 to ace and 7 to king. until someone is out of cards.

  • cjbeckwith1799 posted an update 6 years ago


    I recently learned how to play the video game resident evil 5. I am very bad at video games and i am even worse at games similar to that, any games that have to do with bad guys is hard for me to play. I dont like dying so it takes many friends and me to do the easy parts of the game for my team to be successful. However, now i know…[Read more]

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    I learned how to play the game Mafia, where there’s a Detective, Murderer, and Angel. Everybody has their eyes closed. If someone gets tapped on their head once, they are the detective. If they get tapped twice, they’re the murderer. If they get tapped three times, they are the angel. The murderer sticks his tongue out at someone…[Read more]

  • aryll1 posted an update 6 years ago

    #learntoplay I’ve been playing Super Smash Bros. Melee since i was four. But, up ’til now i had always been pressing random buttons. Now, finally, i have learned what the different buttons do! (yes, epic fail, i know). I would post something like, A = blah blah blah, but it vairies with the different characters, so, i’ll just say i usually like…[Read more]

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