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  • fuzzhead2015 posted an update 6 years ago

    I watched Avengers with my family. It was so good. There was a lot of action, but not to much were it is considered a violent movie, and there was a ton of comedy. Any movie that can get me to laugh i am willing to watch again. My brother still laughed and that was his 4th time seeing the movie.

  • spud4christ posted an update 6 years ago

    I saw hunger games in theaters a few months ago. It was really good! I almost cried when rue died. They did leave out some parts of the book, but I thot it was really well done. If you haven’t seen it or read the books, its a story of how a girl named katniss everdeen volunteered for her sister , primrose everdeen in the 74th annual hunger games…[Read more]

  • For #moviereview . One of my favorite movies right now is The Phantom of the Opera . That movie’s soundtrack is truly inspiring!
    Every song is filled with moving power and Mastery. All the characters are very complex. The dance numbers are very impressive also. It really makes you want to go to broad way and see the play!

    • I like the phantom of the opera. My Grandpa took my family to the play, and it was amazing:) The special effects were also good. The phantom is so misunderstud

      • kasey replied 6 years ago

        I LOVE that movie! but the phantom seems kinda physco and i think that he really is… its not just a misunderstanding

  • spud4christ posted an update 6 years ago

    My alltime favorite musical is The sound of music. I can’t really choose a favorite character. The von trappe family is such an inspiration! aptain von trapp shows that even the toughest of men have a soft side and love their family, even through trauma. The children show that there will always be something to make you happy “raindrops on roses…[Read more]

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    I watched the Avengers movie. And OMG I LOVE IT! It’s freakin amazing! Action packed full of wicked fighting scenes. I’ve got to say that it’s at the top of my favorite movies list.There was this one part in the movie where, I think almost everyone could agree was super hilarious, and I think It’d be when Hulk throws around…[Read more]

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  • #moviereview #mirrormirror last night I ordered Mirror Mirror to watch with my bff . The evil Queen was played by Julia Roberts and Snow White was played by Lily Collins. snow whites father went out to protect the kingdom from dark forces but the queen really just turned him into a beast. the queen takes the peoples’ money and uses…[Read more]

  • jklandes posted an update 6 years ago

    I just watched Water for Elephants ! The movie was based off of the book by Sara Gruen. It’s about a man named Jacob (Robert Pattinson), who’s parents died in a car accident. This forced him to live on his own and he soon found a traveling circus. He got a job as the circus veteranarian and fell in love with the circus owner’s…[Read more]

  • kasey posted an update 6 years ago

    i recently watched a movie called Temple Grandin. it was about a girl, named Temple Grandin, who suffered from a diisease called autism. the movie showed not only how average people saw things but also how Temple viewed the world. It showed how the medical profession and society viewed people with disabilities. she later enrolls in…[Read more]

  • #moviereview: My favorite movie is the notebook! so romantic!;)

  • jrod posted an update 6 years ago

    #moviereview Old but still great and that’s Remember The Titans. Its a football movie based in racism time where black people are not aloud to be in a leadership role or play sports, but in this movie a football team has a head coach who is an African-American and always black students on the team. Now everyone in the football league hates…[Read more]

  • #moviereview I saw #TheAmazingSpiderman a little bit ago! I love love loved it. It definitely lived up to the word “amazing”. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are two of my favorite actors and they only made me love them more in this movie. The script and plot were fantastic — many quotable lines :) !!! I won’t spoil the ending, but there was a…[Read more]

    • I want to see that movie

      • you totally should!!!!! It was AWESOME :) :)

        • Is it as good as the first spiderman?

          • in my opinion, better. i know that toby jones is like THE spiderman, but andrew is awesome in it and i think they did a really good job making it different — not just copying the first one with different actors — and just making it better (: … i liked the story a lot more.. and obviously, this is all a matter of preference (: a few of my…[Read more]

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    I saw the Avengers! It was such a great movie:) haha me and my friends watched all the marvel superhero movies in a marathon before we watched the movie, so it was even better. I loved how Hawkeye made it into this movie, but I wish they had spent more time giving the actor better archery instructions first….he wasn’t that good. …[Read more]

  • jimbob posted an update 6 years ago

    #moviereview, Captain America is a very good movie. I really like how the main character is asthmatic. All in all I think It is a good movie and stands for american values.

  • #Moviereview I saw Mr.Poppers Penguins it was a good movie(:

  • #moviereview
    The movie The help was a really good movie.I think that movie is very influentual because it is showing that whites and blacks can live together. Blacks should have the same rights as whites do because they are human beings to, yes they are a different color that dont mean they are not human.

  • #moviereview The Avengers a really good movie!! will definitely watch it again!! very suspenseful and entertaining!

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    The Lightning Thief ia a great movie, but I think they shouldv’e had a younger actor play Percy. In the book, Percy is a lot younger. And in the movie he’s like 15 or 16.

  • #moviereview Seven Brides For Seven Brothers one of my favorite movies!! it is Hilarious!! an old movie but a great watch!!

    • O.O seriously?? That is my all time favorite! when I was a kid I would watch that EVERY day! It’s a classic :D

    • Watching the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers counts for #castrecording.
      Listen to an entire cast recording of a Broadway Musical or watch a musical on DVD or on stage. Write a post about a character you like and why you like them.

      Maybe you could watch it again, or pick a new musical.

    • I love that movie. :D Have you seen Calamity Jane? It’s old, but I love those kinds od movies. :)

  • bookworm94 posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    #moviereview #lifted

    I just watched this movie with my family. It was incredible! touching, fantastic, moving, By the end of the movie i was in tears, by the time the credits came I was sobbing, I was AMAZING! A young boy with an amazing talent with music is thrown into an adventure. while his father is away fighting in the war, he and his…[Read more]

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