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    i made up a animal that is half bat, half lion, i call it the bliat, i cant upload a picture of it but it is basically a lion with bat wings, and it is only a little bigger than a bat. it is nocturnal, and at night it goes and catches rabbits and other small animals to eat. sorry for the bad drawing, i did it in 5 minutes:)

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    My new species would be an animal with a similar appearance to a kitten, however, when it’s full grown it’s about the size of your hand. It can ride on your shoulder, it does not have sharp teeth or claws, it is a great and smart companion, and it is very kind-natured. It can live long, because it can easily transform into any…[Read more]

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    I’ve decided to draw a picture of Fledge from The Magician’s Nephew….a horse with a deep red coat and strong wings. The back of his feathers glisten with a very fine layer of auburn hair. Fledge loves high hilltops and grassy fields. He likes to eat most anything a normal horse would, but is partial to seed coated apples.…[Read more]

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    This is a character I have recently developed. She is half-Kelpie, half-human. When on land, she takes on a human form, complete with lungs. The underside of her tail is scaled, as shown. Her body below the torso, including the topside of the tail, is the same color, although shading may vary. She is an omnivore, with a diet quite…[Read more]

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    My new species that i made looks kinda… intresting. Well anyways my animal lives in forests and deserts and likes to sit under a pile of dead leaves. When sleeping, when resting, when hunting, etc. It also likes hiding in rocks and rocks or caves behind waterfalls, but doesnt like being wet too much. It primorally eats bugs and…[Read more]

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    My new species would be a furry animal with four legs and two wings. Its body is covered with fur, including the legs but the tail is covered with spikes. It has a small hooked beak. You can tell the difference between male and female by how many eyes it has. Males have four eyes and the females have three. It has a tail that is on…[Read more]

  • spud4christ posted an update 6 years ago

    My new animal is a monguin. It’s half monkey half penguin. It lives in south Africa. It’s an excellent swimmer and tree climber. It eats bananas and fish. It loves to fling its poop at pedestrians. Here’s my drawing, its not very good cuz I’m not good at drawing, but it gas a monkey head and penguin body! Thanks

  • zeilleen posted an update 6 years ago

    My animal is a cross species of owl and human. Owls are always characterized as wise (even if they’re not in real life,) so my animal is super- intelligent. It can give great life advice to anyone. It has a light brown and grey head, with ears and most of an owls facial features. It also has a human mouth, hair, and body. Like some…[Read more]

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  • #newspecies I’ve actually done this for school before. My creature is a type of snail. It has a very round shell that resembles a rock. They can be white, gray, brown, or sage green. When full grown they get to be 1inch in size.

    My creature obtains energy by eating plants and small decaying organisms.

    My creature has lungs that allow it to…[Read more]

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    My sister and I made a new species. My sister was interested in it and so I decided she could make one with me. So my species, I decided to use a fox/cat/wolf/coyote, basically to give it a wild, but cute look. The animal hunts like a wolf, but doesn’t hunt as a pack. It eats meat like mice, fish, and anything else a coyote or for or…[Read more]

    • They are both very cute! It’s really cool that you got your sister involved. The eye on your fox-cat-wolf-coyote is perfect!

      • Thank you! Yeah she thought that it was coolest thing ever and she wanted do one too so I decided why not? And now she can’t wait to be apart of the teen summer challenge when she gets older :) lol

  • #newspecies my new species has mind of a dog/human. the body look like a human but changes into a dog early in the morning like a werewolf . Its diet is dry candy and grass it gets biggger and bigger every month it lives in very hot deserts so its very hard to find grass so its on a dry candy diet.

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    My new species is a mouse/bird. It’s a normal mouse, but with wings! It eats cheese, seeds, and other things mice are known to eat. Since it cannot fight or defend itself, the mouse/bird uses its bird ability’s to fly away, and its mouse ability’s to go into small spaces and hide. This animal can be very timid, but if you gain its…[Read more]

    • Wow! How did you make that? That’s awesome! It sounds so cute. :)

      • I took a picture of the mouse from the internet and used the artistic affects on my computer to make it look painted. Them I took a picture of a bird from the internet, erased everything except one of the wings, recolored the wing, used the same artistic effect to make it look painted, and than I put it over the mouse. It took a long time to do,…[Read more]

  • fuzzhead2015 posted an update 6 years ago

    You can’t see the picture to well, but I just put my pencil to paper and drew so its not a combination of different creatures, but its own thing. It has large paws and a round head, with a little nose and a patch that runs from the top of its forhead to its nose, it decreases in size the further down the face it goes. It also has…[Read more]

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    My new species is a animal called the buttey. It is a cross between a butterfly, and a bunny. It has butterfly wings, head and feet. It has a bunny’s body.

    • To complete the challenge, don’t forget to post a drawing of your new species and also a description of your animal’s habits or habitat.

      • I cant draw it… but I can do the rest

        • Keep in mind that you can use an online drawing tool, such as odosketch , to create your drawing. Then you can post a link to it so everyone can see it.

          • how do I post the link?/

            • When you go to post something on your activity feed you should see three icons. One of them has a www on it. If you click this a space will open up where you can paste a link to whatever webpage that you want us to see. Alternately, you can just paste the link into the body of the post and it will show up as a hyperlinked bit of text, such as…[Read more]

              • If you choose to use something like odosketch, you can create an account where you can save all of your odosketches. Once you’ve saved it, you can copy the link to it (the web address, up above, in your web browser) and paste it here like so: (note, you will need flash to view this drawing).

                There…[Read more]

                • Um… I already tried that, but it didn’t work

                  • Hmmm…not sure what else I can suggest here. Links posted in the body of your post should show up, no matter what. If you go to your library one of the staff members can probably help you. Are you getting any error messages?

                    • No. Is that supposed to happen?

                      • Well, error messages are never ”supposed to happen”, but if they do they can help the web development team diagnose bugs. Sometimes the browser you are using can impact the behavior of the site as well.

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    My species has a medium size body that’s kinda hairy like a brown bear body. It has a long scaley hard tail. It’s arms are human-like but its hands are furry and red like redish puff balls. The legs are very strong and have hooves on the bottom. the head is the head of a kitty cat. And it has massive purple wings. I call my animals…[Read more]

  • dcline posted an update 6 years ago

    My new species is called a buttey. It’s a cross between a butterfly and a bunny. I would live in a den, and eat nectar and grass

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    This is Hank, the lion/pig/squirrel/horse/turtle/cow/ostrich hybrid, also known as the Gantribokilous.
    He loves to eat truffles (the mushrooms, not the chocolate) and escargot. He finds these deep in the jungle that he lives in, but every once in a while when he can’t find any, his super intelligent brain telepathically communicates…[Read more]

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    In reply to: puppylove posted an update #newspecies- Name-porca Attributes- is kind to humans Appearance-is like a bird but does not fly, has wings,has web feet and has feathers on top of his head which release a powerful […] View

    Your stinky bird is very cute! I’m retagging this because it was hard for me to find and I think everyone should see it (I think the hyphen you added to your tag confused the computer) #newspecies

  • #newspecies Ladies and Gents, allow me to introduce you to the Jester. The Jester is a low-lying, mountain dwelling creature that prefers to be left alone by other creatures. The Jester is named from the three curling tufts of fur atop it’s head, giving the appearance of a jester’s hat. Some characteristics of the animal are it’s thick legs to…[Read more]

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