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  • #placereview Last month, me and my family went camping in Sequim (pronounced- Squim) While we were there, we went to Hurricane Ridge. Like Mt. Rainier, you drive up, up, up to the top until you can’t drive anymore, and then you can hike from there or have a picnic lunch, visit the gift shop or visitor’s center, or just enjoy the view. The…[Read more]

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    I just went to the downtown gig harbor farmers market to get rassberrys but after going throuht the whole thing we had are hands full of stuff we loved it every sunday its fun.

  • #placereview this summer my older sister miranda invited me to spend the night up in bellingham for three days to see her before she goes
    back to collage. We went cliff diving it was super scary to jmp a 30 foot cliff. After that we went to sidneys ice cream shop I had a double scoop cookies and cream cone. That next morning we woke up at nine…[Read more]

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    Last week I went to the Pike’s Place Market. We went to this fancy restaurant that had homemade root beer. Then we went to the gum wall. People make awesome designs by sticking their gum on walls. We went to watch the fish tossers. it was creeping seeing a fish flying over my head.

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    i went to Long lake yesterday, and it was wonderful. The water was the perfect temperature. There is swimming, a volleyball court, a tennis court and a playground. There wasn’t too many people, so there was room to swim. It is a wonderful place to go, especially when it is hot.

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    I’ve been visiting my grandparents in Maryland for the last week, and yesterday, we went to Washington DC! It was really cool to walk around the National Mall; even the museum buildings were beautiful. My favorite museum was called the Hirshorn, a modern art museum. There was an interactive exhibit that was really cool.…[Read more]

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    My Bubbie lives in Belview and so the last time we went to visit her she took us to a blueberry farm. Its only $1.25 per pound and you get to pick your own berries. We walked about 2 mi.,grabing a blueberries here and there. It was really funny our dog ate most of our blueberries o.0! i really enjoyed going there.…[Read more]

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    In reply to: mmazreads posted an update #outdoors#byfoot #placereview My Bubbie lives in Belview and so the last time we went to visit her she took us to a blueberry farm. Its only $1.25 per pound and you get to pick your […] View

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    My family loves going to the beach… but as you know Washington does not have the nicest beaches…
    when we went down to Vancouver,WA we went to Wintler beach. The water was great, my brother and I played in the sand for hours. if you are ever in Vancouver you should deffinitly go there. :)

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    This summer, my family went on a weeklong roadtrip Round Washington state. It was loads of fun! My favorite part was probably when we went to silverwood and there was a huge thunder and lightening storm! It was scary at the time, but looking back on it it was really cool! I also enjoyed seeing exactly where my dad grew up…[Read more]

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    I scootered to church last night. I’m in a mobility scooter. I go to Calvary community church in Sumner. We have 6weekend services, 2campuses and a kajillion ministries! We are non-denominational and our motto is ‘Come as you are, you’ll be loved!’ I’ve been going to Calvary ever since I moved here 13 years ago! I’m…[Read more]

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    This past week, I went to camp korey at old carnations farms! Camp korey is a camp for kids with life-altering medical conditions. If u didn’t kno, I’m a dwarf, standing 3′ 6″ from the ground. It’s beautiful up there! Theres a pool, giant rose garden, a giant vegetable garden that produces all the veggies for the…[Read more]

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    A few weeks ago we went to Fort Stevens up by the Columbia River. This campsite was home to a beach with the skeleton of a shipwrecked boat on one of its beaches. My family had a picture taken by it as the tide went out. The next day we visited a different section of the beach. There was a large high deck overlooking the rocks that…[Read more]

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    I LOOVVE the store Rue21 this store is amazing! I love going there to look around or shop…. in fact me and one of my bestest friend Maddy went there just yesterday.. And theres now one in the south hill mall FINALLY:)

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    When driving home from Minnsota (see my other place review) we drove through glacier national park. It was astounding. Everyone should thank Teddy Rosevelt for perserving this for us. There was many nice mountains, trees, flowers, glacier-made-lakes, waterfalls, rivers, and rock formations. Alot of the rocks eroded into squared…[Read more]

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    Every summer my family road trips to North Dakota/Minnsota. My favorite part of the vacation is when we visit all our cousins on the Hoff side of my family at a place called New Horizon Resort on white earth lake. (Website located here: )
    If you look at the website: ya i know it doesnt look…[Read more]

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    I went to the pacific science center with my family and saw the King Tut exibit. It was all so fantastic, it seemed unreal. When you read the descriptions of the artifacts and they name all the things it is composed of, it seems like it would be fake. Then to look at some of the statues and realize, this was in a tomb and has been…[Read more]

    • wow! that sounds awesome! i really want to go but i can never find the time to…. hopefully i will be able to before the king tut exhibit leaves.

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    I refereed at the Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila, and wrote a #placereview for it

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    i went to the Tacoma Rainiers Baseball game on tuesday. honestly the game wasnt very fun, i was super hungry and so i bought some breadsticks (i thought before hand that they were kinda pricey for Breadsticks) after i bought them i looked in the bag just to find 2, three inch, barely cooked peices of dough… gross. then while i was…[Read more]

  • #placereview: a good place to go is great wolf lodge. It has indoor water slides,wave pool, and fun activities. There is a spa,a starbucks,arcade, teen section, ice cream shop, indoor place to eat,and more!

    • I loove the Great Wolf Lodge….. and the tornado is soo much fun!!

      • It is fun. I was so scared the first time I went on the tornado backwards:)

        • Me Too! But i had my older brother to tell me when the drop was comin so i could close my eyes lol

          • Yeah, I think the first time I went on it I had a heart attack:)

            • My friend had me totally freaked out about the tornado because she told me the drop was super huge. But once I went on it I was like, that’s it??? Backwards was 10x more fun!

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