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    We have this little rocket launcher that we pump and pump and pump and pump and pump and pump till we have it enough then you have to pull the cord to make them fly up. It took a few tests but we got some of them off the ground. The first one didn’t move. The second one whent five feet.and they keept going five feet unroll like the…[Read more]

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    I made a baking soda/vinegar rocket. My rocket launcher was a stick that I set into the ground.

    I filled a Gatorade bottle ΒΌ to 1/3 of the way full with white vinegar. Then, I put several large spoonfuls of baking soda on a square of cling wrap, folded the corners up, and twisted the wrap several times so that when I put it into the…[Read more]

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    I had so much fun building this rocket! Here’s a video of the shoot off of my rocket.

    I had some changes because of what we had for materials to use.
    So I made up a cork with styrofoam since I couldn’t use anything else. Used tape and of course a water bottle, water, bike pump, a box to…[Read more]

    • So much fun. How many times did you launch the rocket?

      Where you able to get it any higher than the recorded launch?

      • Yes it was, and I did like ten times lol. My sister did it about 10 times too. And weren’t. we tried adding more water and it didn’t make it go any higher, and we also tried adding less water, but it looked like it went the same height. But now that I think about, the rocket was going straight up, I wonder if maybe at a different angle, would it…[Read more]

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    I filled one water bottle with water and placed the cap on top of the bottle. I filled the other bottle with nothing and put the cap in the same place. Then I made a battering ram with a skateboard and a piece of wood. I rolled the ram in to the water bottles and watched the caps fly off. The water filled one made it 2.5 ft off the…[Read more]

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    Build a water bottle rocket launcher and rocket. Using images or a video, post about your rocket and its flight.

    • For this can I do a baking soda and vinegar rocket? I would use a water bottle filled with vinegar then put some baking soda in it, put the cap on, shake it up, and it shoots up. It’s a type of water bottle rocket. If I can’t what are you looking for?