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    I cant post a pic, but here’s the score of a youthleage softball game
    Tiger Lilies:15

    • Tell us more about this game – what went on? Anything interesting? What other parts about this game are noteworthy or worth keeping score on?

      • There was a girl in the fireworks, who actually jumped onto homeplate for a homerun. One girl on Tiger Lilies was swinging the bat to where she had the bat standing in the air, and she was swinging the bat downwards and hitting the ground, with her bat. Whenever to coach told her to level her bat, she wasn’t listening.

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    I am trying to measure the speed and thus the best speed skater. :) Here is the picture:

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    I am doing a score box for speed skating. Me and four friends raced three different races. We will call racer 1 Suzy, we will call racer 2 Sarah, we will call racer 3 Jeff, and we will call racer 4 Amy. a. means that the racer was not available to do that race: an approximation was made.

    Suzy …[Read more]

    • So that looks like this?

      ________|| Suzy || Sarah | Jeff || Amy ||
      Course 1 | 183(a)| || 11 ||||||| 7 |||| 22(a) |
      Course 2 || 64 (a)| ||| 3 |||||||| 3 ||||||| 7(a) |
      Course 3 || 87 (a)| ||| 8 |||||||| 7 ||||| 11 ||||||

      And so the end results are what you posted above. Do you happen to have a picture of that scorecard? And a little more…[Read more]

  • #score I don’t know if this counts as a sporting activity… I watched my brother play a Grand Prix on Mario Kart and made a score sheet. Here it is:

    • That’s a unique application of the idea – and I think it worked out pretty well. Was there a final star-type rating on the cup that came through as well?

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    So I’m a referee and I have to keep track of who scores, which half the goals are recorded in, and any yellow or red cards that I give out. THe picture shows 4 games that I reffed. In the first game the teams were FWFC and Sparta. There were no goals in the first half, but in the second half FWFC scored 4 goals, and Sparta scored one.…[Read more]

    • (The picture’s a bit blurry at size – do you have another version of it that would let me read the writing?)

      Looks interesting! Is that a page from the infamous ”Referee’s Book” that the commentators talk about whenever someone gets shown a card?

      • Sorry, I don’t really have another version but it looks like this
        Sparta ____|__1__
        I have a more official version that is used for really important matches- that would be the infamous referee’s book. This was just for a summer tournament so it wasn’t very important.

        • Ah, okay. Nice to see what was going on there, though. Have you ever had to dismiss someone from one of these games? I would hope at this level, it’s less about hard fouling and more about good sportsmanship.

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    Game half’s| Team: goals during half time of game
    1st half-| | | || Awesomers: 3 goals Black Ninjas: 5 goals
    2nd half-| | || Awesomers: 5 goals Black NInjas: 2 goals.
    We played soccer The game was played with my family and other members that totaled up each team to have 10 players on each side. It was a lot of fun, and I got to be on…[Read more]

    • Looks like it was a good game for everyone involved. Too bad the Black Ninjas lost in the end.

      Did you see the semi-final between the U.S. and Canada in the Olympic tournament. Wow! Most days, a hat trick would be more than enough to propel a team to victory, but the U.S. just kept clawing back to equal.

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    ok, i think I’ve got it now, my brother and i played baseball and heres what it looked like.

    innings ME | ELI
    1. 1 2
    2. 0 0
    3. 1 0
    4. 0 2
    5. 3 1
    6. …[Read more]

    • Okay, so it looks like this:

      Innings | ME | ELI
      | | | 1 | | | || 1 | || 2 |
      | | | 2 | | | || 0 | || 0 |
      | | | 3 | | | || 1 | || 0 |
      | | | 4 | | | || 0 | || 2 |
      | | | 5 | | | || 3 | || 1 |
      | | | 6 | | | || 0 | || 1 |
      | | FINAL|| 5 | || 6 |

      So tell me about this game – how do you play and count runs if there are only two of you? One hits, one…[Read more]

      • yup thats how its supposed to look, and we didn’t really keep track of anything else

        • Well, if you didn’t keep track of anything else, how did you come up with that score?

          • well we didn’t keep track of strikes, hits, or balls, so the score is from every time one of us touched home plate, wether from a home run or if one of us got on base then there would be a ghost runner, who is always forced around the bases. so eventually if you have one to start with on first and you get 3 base hits then that one will score.

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    In reply to: romanalister posted an update #score i played bunco but i couldn’t get a picture so ill just tell you my score, everybody has a different score card. W L B 1 14 1 i got the record for most losses :D View

    That’s a pretty bad streak there. But I think that one fits more in #gameon than in #score – re-read the requirements and see if you’ve got something else that qualifies more.

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    i played bunco but i couldn’t get a picture so ill just tell you my score, everybody has a different score card.

    W L B
    1 14 1
    i got the record for most losses :D

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    Round A.G.B A.R.B.
    1 1 1
    2 1 1
    3 1 1
    4 1 1
    5 1 1

    Total 5 5

    Penalties 0 -1

    Grand Total 5 4

    • So tell me about this. What’s this score to? What happened to produce this score? What’s going on here that gives this score sheet meaning?

      • This score is to a game my little brother and I were playing (the reason that it looks weird on the post, not the photo, is that I copied it from Excel and forgot to add some spaces, the 1,2, etc. is the round and the 1′s after that are the score of each person, and A.G.B. and A.R.B are the people, my brother and I). I was going to do this…[Read more]

        • Tell me more about this game that’s going on, then. It’s nice to be able to interpret the results as well as just see them.

          It looks like this should go:

          Round | A.G.B. | A.R.B.
          | | | 1 | | | | | 1 | | | | | 1 | | |
          | | | 2 | | | | | 1 | | | | | 1 | | |
          | | | 3 | | | | | 1 | | | | | 1 | | |
          | | | 4 | | | | | 1 | | | | | 1 | | |
          | | | 5 | |…[Read more]

          • Yes, that’s how I wanted the results to look like! My little brother and I were playing an hour-long game of Hide ‘n’ Go Seek. My older brother says that it is probably the only hide ‘n’ go seek game ever to have a score for! The way to get a point was to stay hiding for a whole minute, or (if you were the seeker) to find the person within…[Read more]

            • It does – it makes things a lot easier to understand when you know what the context and the rules are for the score that you’re looking at. That sounds like it was quite the fun time playing.

              And yes, I think hiding in the doghouse should be a penalty as well.

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    Create an official/box score for a sporting event that you attend. Share a picture of your work!

    (Did you keep score all the way back in #sportingevent ?)

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    Catch a sporting event in person, whether baseball or caber tossing. Share a paragraph or two on the event as a post. (If you’re the scorekeeping type, look ahead to the Master task #score – you might be able to make that badge a lot easier with some forethought here.)