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  • aitsanna posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    the category (i guess you might call it) i chose was women’s gymnastics this year they won the gold for the sixteenth year in a row. i chose this ”category” because i have always loved gymnastics and gymnastics are the only thing i relay watch on the Olympics anyway:) sorry about my horrible spelling. #stats

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    Heres some statistics in basketball:
    GP: games played
    GS: games started
    STL: steals
    BLK: blocks
    TO: turnovers
    PF: personal fouls

    • And who has the world record for some of those categories?

      • Some World Records:
        Steals: Is a tie between Larry Kenon playing for San Antonio Spurs on Dec. 26th 1976.
        and Kendal Gill playing for New Jersey on Apr. 3rd 1999. And they we tied with 11 steals.
        Blocks: 17 by Elmore Smithplaying for Los Angles on Oct. 28th 1973.

  • kmcgraw posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    i chose the 100 meters breaststroke… there is a guy named Cameron Van Der Burgh that got a time of 58.46! that is amazingly fast! i look up to this guy so much! he beat the world record… which i am not suprised cuz he was going so fast! i want to be like this guy wen i grow up! hahaha! :)

  • frodo posted an update 5 years, 12 months ago

    #stats Top 3 times for the 400 metres hurdles:
    1. 46.78 Kevin Young United States Barcelona August 6, 1992
    2. 47.02 Edwin Moses United States Koblenz August 31, 1983
    3. 47.03 Bryan Bronson United States New Orleans June 21, 1998

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    20,478 people broke the world record for most people preforming a handstand at once. I chose it because I love gymnastics (that’s what it came up under) and I thought it was cool. :)

  • shaylazartman posted an update 6 years ago

    Micheal Phelps is now the most decorated Olympian in history with two bronze, two silver, and eighteen gold. Loved watching him swim his final Olympic race in London. #stats

  • thereader posted an update 6 years ago

    The world record of the 100 meter dash is 9.58, set by Usain Bolt in 2009. I chose this event because it is fun to do and amazing to watch.

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    Michael Phelps holds the most world records in swimming with seven. I chose swimming because one of my lp friends is a swimmer!

    • Which events does Phelps hold the records in? I think he might have broken a couple on this time in the pool.

  • ashura0 posted an update 6 years ago

    In these 2012 London olymics, American swimmer Rebecca Soni broke the swimmer’s 200 breaststroke record. Her new world record setting time is: 2:19.59. I chose swimming because i LOVE it and also because i was watching when the record was set.

  • sydney posted an update 6 years ago

    Dana Vollmer, on July 29, 2012, made a new world record for the 100 meter butterfly stroke in swimming for this year’s Olympics. Her time was 55.95. I chose swimming because my best friend has a briend/teammate in the olympics this year! For that reason, swimming has become bery important to me.

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    I personally favor Soccer, I’ve played Soccer for 4 years so I decided to find a statistic in that area. So I found this: On December 6, 1995, a soccer player named Nikolai Kutsenko juggled a soccer ball for 24 hours and 30 minutes non stop with feet, hands, and even the head without the ball once touching the ground. (I also found these…[Read more]

  • #stats South Korean archer Im Dong-hyun set the world mark on Friday at the Olympics. He set the 72-arrow event at 699 points. The catch? He’s legally blind, with only 10% and 20% in each eye. Color me impressed and inspired!

    • I was very impressed with that, too. Whatever it is, it’s enough for him to have qualified nicely. I think he’ll do / has done quite well in the finals.

      • It’s a really inspirational thing if you think about it. I’m thinking about taking up archery for various reasons, and this is certainly one of them.

  • qzenet posted an update 6 years ago

    Dana Vollmer 55.98 sec butteerfly 100m swim

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    most pirouettes ever done (world record) 36, but it was not ballet pirouettes they were with tap shoes on but still! really impressive!

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    Since we traded him (I can’t believe it, but he wanted a win before he retired) Ichiro is who I looked up. The first ever Japanese-born everyday position player in the major leagues. He holds the record for League leader in hits 3 or more consecutive seasons and 240 hits in one season with 262.

    • Where did Ichiro go to chase a team that might end up with a ring?

      • Yankees, who joins a team in the middle of a season?

        • Someone chasing a ring and trying to beat the trade deadline. Too bad that Ichiro’s in pinstripes, though – I would have preferred him to take a tour of the AL centeral first.

  • kasey posted an update 6 years ago

    Jessica Hardy (United States) set a record in the women’s 50-meter (two pool lengths) breaststroke finishing in 29.58 seconds! #stats

  • cjbeckwith1799 posted an update 6 years ago


    The record of homeruns hit in one season of baseball is held by Barry Bonds from the Giants. He hit 73 homeruns in a season in the year of 2001. I chose to do homeruns in baseball because i love the sport, i have been playing since i was 5 years old and i am a power hitter as well. Although i havent hit as many homeruns as him, i am…[Read more]

  • autumndeschner posted an update 6 years ago


    Most made free throws in NBA history is 9,787 by Karl Malone i choose this stat is because I play year round basketball and today at practice our team was talking about stats with free throws i think basketball is the most amazing sport in history

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    Fastest Baseball Pitch. The fastest baseball pitch is 162.3km/h (100.9mph) and was achieved by Lynn Nolan Ryan (then of the California Angels) (b. 31 Jan 1947), at Anaheim Stadium, California, USA, on 20 August 1974
    I chose this because baseball is pretty much the only sport that I actually like watch and I think it’s amazing that someone…[Read more]

    • 100.9? I see some pitchers supposedly putting up 101 on the radar guns in broadcasts. Is that someone rounding up to 101, or is it possible that we’ve had some pitchers breaking Ryan’s pitch-speed record in the interim?

  • zeilleen posted an update 6 years, 1 month ago

    #stats German Britta Stefen holds the world record for the fastest 50m women’s freestyle in swimming, with 23.73. My favorite sport (to watch and play) is swimming, and I know it takes me about 50 seconds to swim 50m. To know that someone can do that in less than half my time is amazing.

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