• #bookreview

    Book: City of Bones
    Author: Cassandra Clare
    Rating: 5 stars

    I absolutely loved this book, the constant action kept me entertained all the way to the end of the book. The author really pulls the reader into the book through the characters by emotions. All of my friends that have read this book said they fell in love with one of the…[Read more]

  • #sportingevent

    I have been to an 18u fastpitch game. The competition level is crazy, the game gets more serious as you get older. The games also tend to have a little more life to them, tricky plays happen more often and all of the action happens quicker then it would at a different age level. Since 18u is basically college level, most girls…[Read more]

  • #learntoplay

    I recently learned how to play the video game resident evil 5. I am very bad at video games and i am even worse at games similar to that, any games that have to do with bad guys is hard for me to play. I dont like dying so it takes many friends and me to do the easy parts of the game for my team to be successful. However, now i know…[Read more]

  • #stats

    The record of homeruns hit in one season of baseball is held by Barry Bonds from the Giants. He hit 73 homeruns in a season in the year of 2001. I chose to do homeruns in baseball because i love the sport, i have been playing since i was 5 years old and i am a power hitter as well. Although i havent hit as many homeruns as him, i am…[Read more]

  • #readinglog #5hours
    Angels and Demons took me about 8 and a half hours to read, but it was great, well worth it.

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