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    grandmasterjami - "@emily @triston Remember if you want to earn any of the cool prizes you need to tell us what you’ve been doing: Post activity updates for the challenges and earn badges. A good first badge is Reading "View
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    olympian1999 - "#gamechanger I created a new rule for staring contests for when i play with my friends to make it harder. WHen you close your eyes it is considered blinking. "View
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    melody74 - "#behindthemusic I decided to look up a choreographer for this challenge and I found a person named Katherine Dunham. Here are five interesting facts that I learned about her. She was born in 1909 and lived until […] "View
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    kwilliams - "I went to the library today! I got two books, claim to fame by margret Peterson haddix and two rings by millie werber and eve Keller "View
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    peterpangrl21 - "#moviereview The day after it came out in theaters, I went with a few friends to see Snow White and the Huntsman. First, let me just say that any movie with Chris Hemsworth in it makes my top 10 list–he’s such a […] "View
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