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    brhbabe - "@romanalister whatsup!!! we havent had a real conversation in a while. "View
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    atw18 - "#gamechanger Does this URL work? "View
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    aitsanna - "i saved 5 seeds though i can not post a pic but i saved watermelon seeds, strawberry seeds, a peach pit, a pumpkin seed, and a bush beans seed. i was just finding whatever i could to get seeds i plan on planting […] "View
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    ajor5dan - "I just had to re-share this (Thanks for letting me use your quote @fountainofvistory ) I may not be the prettiest girl on the block, but I’m real. I am the type of girl that will never cheat on you, even if I […] "View
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    alyeana - "#10hours i read 10 hours of the book prey by Michael Crichton it is about how an experiment in the nevada desert has gone horribly wrong a cloud of Nanoparticles micro robots has escaped from the laboratory the […] "View
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